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 Accessories - Vox

Peterson Strobe Tuner 400

Peterson Strobe Tuner 400 (ex-Jimmy Page)

Never in 40 years have I owned or seen one of these before and here comes one with a story.
Purchased some years ago from a close friend of Jason Bonham, son of Led Zep drummer John Bonham. At the time we were offered the Ludwig Vistalite Drum - yes the small one that Jason played in the movie "The Song Remains The Same". Believed to have been owned by Jimmy Page, we purchased this tuner about eight years ago*. 
Note: this is a 115 volt model, so it will need a transformer.

*(newsletter incorrectly states this was just purchased by us).

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 Effects - Cornell

Cornell - The 1st Fuzz

Cornell 'The 1st Fuzz'

This pedal is new from Denis Cornell and based on the sound of the original Fuzz Face from the 1960s!!!!!!!!

We use Germanium transistors which were the first type of transistor generally available in the early 1960s. There are several types but we found that the NKT 275 to have the best Fuzz tone.

The transistors are selected according to our parameters, but even then we have added a bias pot because this type of transistor is likely to drift over a period of time or in varying temperatures.

We also use Carbon Composition resistors just like the original Germanium Fuzz Face™ pedals.

Panel Features:
High Input jack. Controls: Volume, Fuzz Switches: True bypass. Easy-fit 9-volt (PP3) battery compartment. Stainless Steel polished housing.

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Cornell - M.T. Boost

Cornell M.T. Boost

This pedal is new from Denis Cornell - M.T. Boost (Middle/Treble boost!!!!!!!).

Panel Features:
The treble controls the high frequency response, but when you increase the treble control the sound also gets fatter or thicker. The Gain control sets the volume of the Middle and Treble, but you will get a crunch-type distortion with the gain full up.

This will vary depending on the output from the pickups of your guitar.

High Input jack Controls: Gain, Middle, Treble Switches: True bypass Channel. Standard power supply socket Easy-fit 9 volt (PP 3) battery compartment Stainless Steel polished housing.
More specification details in the manual.

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£160.00 + FREE shipping (UK/EU)

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Cornell Overdrive Special

Cornell Overdrive Special

This pedal is new from Denis Cornell. Overdrive Special!!!!!

Panel Features
Channel One will give you a clean boost. Channel Two, with more Gain than Channel One, will result in a crunch tone. For more distortion turn up either Gain 1 or Gain 2, but remember to turn the volume down to balance your by-pass volume. If you wish for even more, the Boost control is there at every setting – just switch it in and adjust to the amount you want.

For more experienced guitarists, the pedal works nicely in conjunction with the guitar volume pot, so those crunch tones can be achieved by adjusting the guitar volume pot back slightly before setting up the pedal gain.

Whatever style of music you play, the Cornell-Overdrive Special has all you need for guitar lead playing.

Caution: you will need to pass a playing ability test before using the Boost Switch!
A certificate will be awarded to those meeting the required standard. Operation of this switch is likely to cause war with any neighbouring republic if used by any unqualified personnel.

High Input jack Controls:
Gain One, Gain Two Boost Output Switches: True Bypass Channel (Gain 1-2) Boost Tone. Standard power supply socket. Easy-fit 9-volt (PP 3) battery compartment. Stainless Steel polished housing.
More specification details in the manual.

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£199.00 + FREE shipping (UK/EU)

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